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Goal! objectives are to create football fun and to provide entertainment and competitive football opportunities for football mad kids .

Goal! have several Services such as : 


GOAL! provides its  customers the opportunity of having parties in an entertaining style. Parties in GOAL! involves all invites in the activities held .

* Birthdays

* Graduations

* Special events.


GOAL! Centers provide a professional style of entertainment for having fun & growing social skills between children. GOAL! presents many activities such as:

* Renting Football fields.

* Climbing sport.

* Fussball.

* Air Hockey .

* GOAL! Billiard.

* Arcades.


GOAL!  arranges and organizes league matches according to age groups in a very challenging maner .  Our tournament consists of many teams and thy from themselves. Even if you are coming alone we create you a team, this enhances and builds friendships between players inside GOAL!    We also offer awards to winners and participants.    GOAL!  Provide a football tournament and present many type of tournaments:

* Ramadan

* schools

* Monthly

* Corporate


GOAL! Academy  believes that everyone can develop his/her football skills , fitness and confidence to enjoy better football. GOAL! Academy are provide and present many activities such as:

* Indoor football academy for youth, to build basic skills.  

* Improve football techniques.

* Trainings and fitness.


GOAL! are provide a Food & Beverages, Common types of drinks include to keep  you hydrated like water, milk, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, juice and soft drinks. in building a new form of hospitality that generates emotion and powerful moments for  children.

GOAL!  Retail  provide of selling consumer goods to the customers that are branded by GOAL!   GOAL!  Shopping generally refers to the act of buying products are provide clothing for children to have fun for play and rest.  such as:

* Shirts

* Shorts

* Gloves

* FootBall

* Shin Guard

* Silicone restband

* Bottels

* Bags

* Accessories  

* Trophy Cup


School Trip are  provided by  GOAL! taking children to a place away from their normal environment ,The purpose of the trip is usually observation for education,  to provide students with experiences outside their everyday activities and enhances their collaborative and team working skills . GOAL! are provide a School Trip , to have fun and present many activities such as:

*  Special packages for schools. 


Corporate Deals are made with companies who are looking  to entertain  their employees and promote their work life balance.


Employees are welcomed to socialize and have  fun together and enhance their relationships outside the work entertainment.
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