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Terms & Conditions And Privacy Policy

We at Go Karting are pleased to provide you with the instructions and risks before starting the game to ensure that you have a comfortable, safe and enjoyable experience. Based on what is mentioned in this paper, I acknowledge and understand that I have read the disclaimer and accepted everything contained in it of my own free will and take full responsibility in following the terms and conditions mentioned in this document and any other provisions that may be imposed in the future. Before starting, please read and understand the following:

• Playing is not allowed for those suffering from the following conditions (pregnant - back injuries - neck injuries - general spinal injuries - heart diseases - high blood pressure - joint diseases - prosthetic limbs - any recent surgery). And disclose children with autism, Down syndrome, or any other mental illnesses.

I acknowledge that:

• Smoking is not permitted in any of the Go Karting facilities.

• I assume full responsibility for protecting myself and the other players around me during the game, and I am obligated to follow all instructions completely.

• I must play safely and avoid engaging in risky behavior that could lead to (injury - death - damage to the games and equipment). If something happens to me or any of the players, I am the responsible person, and Go Karting is not liable for any damage I caused

• My companions and I are responsible for any acts of vandalism we commit within and outside the facility, such as (damaging the machines, games, etc.). We will bear all the compensation owed to Go Karting and its clients. I understand that I must pay a compensation fee starting from 500 SAR, based on the assessment of the branch manager for the resulting damage.

• The employees at Go Karting are human and may commit unintentional mistakes. Therefore, in this case, I hereby waive my right to any future claims in the event of death or full injury against Go Karting or its members, employees, agents, managers, or related persons.
• The players bear full responsibility in this regard for any fictitious claims, deaths, injuries, or tampering with public or company-owned properties. In the event of personal or general damage, the player or their family must bear the payment of all financial damages and fees incurred as a result of the lawsuits. Similarly, they must compensate the company for any losses incurred.

• Go Karting has the authority to contact me via phone or email, and to use my personal information for promotional purposes.

• The Go Karting team and management have the full right and freedom to refuse and take necessary actions in response to any unacceptable behavior from me or my companions. They have the full authority to blacklist me and prevent me from entering this branch and other branches without any compensation or refund of the amounts paid.

•  Go Karting is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged personal belongings of any player, as this is their responsibility.

• I allow Go Karting to use recordings and photographs for advertising purposes, and I have no right to object or request compensation.

•  Go Karting has the right to use my data for publicity, advertising, and social media.

•  I understand that music and audio content are essential components of the entertainment games, and I do not have the right to demand their stoppage or a refund of the ticket price because of them.

• I do not object to the presence of surveillance cameras inside and outside the Go Karting branches, and I allow them to use them for security purposes. I do not have the right to object.

 •I understand that negligence and laxity in any of the instructions may incur significant risks leading to death, so I must follow the instructions of the on-site staff. In this case, Go Karting disclaims any responsibility.

•I am responsible for following the safety instructions and guidelines during my presence at Go Karting. Go Karting is not responsible for any injuries and accidents that occur due to my negligence.

• Go Karting is not responsible for any accidents and injuries resulting from not following the instructions and warnings written in each branch.

• I am not authorized to request the closure of cameras, music, or the monitoring and protection systems present at Go Karting.

• I understand that I am not entitled to request a refund of the paid amounts in case of fraud, negligence, violation of regulations, disregard of the on-site staff, or any other reason. The paid amounts to Go Karting will not be refunded.

• I acknowledge that the staff have the full right to exclude me from playing or remove me from the Go Karting branch if I violate any of the stated regulations.

•Go Karting welcomes and receives all members of the community, and for this reason, they emphasize that players and their guardians must be of complete mental and physical health for everyone's safety.

•Go Karting disclaims responsibility for intervening or bearing the damage in the event of fights and disputes between players or their relatives.

•The purchase of packages from the branch or online is non-refundable under any circumstances.

• The amounts paid for the race are non-refundable and non-exchangeable

• The price of the new card will be 100 SAR when purchased from any of the existing packages in the offers in case the customer does not have a card, keeping the card for recharging and increasing the balance.

• You must ensure the accuracy of the personal information recorded, the price, ticket and package details before payment, as the amounts paid are non-refundable.

• Any change in the reservation during the weekdays costs 25 SAR, and changes in the reservation on the weekend cost 50 SAR.

•  It must be ensured to be present at the specified time for the reservation to avoid delay or cancellation; if a delay exceeds 15 minutes, the reservation will expire without compensation.• Tickets or packages cannot be exchanged with any other person without the permission of the person himself (the cardholder), and you must sign the disclaimer on each visit to the branch and before starting to play.

• Go Karting has the full right to request compensation starting from 500 Saudi Riyals in case of any breakage or damage inside or outside the branches, at the estimation of the branch manager for the value of the resulting damage and loss.

• Go Karting reserves the right to change prices, times and offers at any time as needed.

• Recording or photographing others without their permission inside or outside the Go Karting branches is absolutely not allowed, in order to preserve the rights and privacy of individuals, and anyone who violates this exposes themselves to legal accountability.

• Players are not allowed to wear robes or cloaks during the game as they are not suitable for the games and physical activities in the go-karting environment, and players must adhere to the designated attire for playing in all branches.

• Players must remove any accessories that may pose a danger or damage Go-Karting's private property or injure and harm others during the game, such as accessories, sharp tools, and the like.

• In all branches, specific weights and heights may be required to play, and therefore it is the client's responsibility to inquire before payment.

• I acknowledge that I have been provided with the risks, regulations, and Go-Karting's policy by displaying the policies on the website before signing.

• I acknowledge that Go-Karting reserves the right to periodically change the terms and conditions to serve its development and improvement without referring to or notifying any other party.

• To cancel or change the reservation, contact the technical support department on the number 0505223045.

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